Thursday, October 29, 2009

New York City, yes or no?

First, the anwer: no. Let me re-phrase! There, the red "no" stands out so as to better express my feelings.

Why a "no" for NYC? Various reasons, most notably the following:
  • The elitism of NYC residents (if you don't live there you don't count, according to them)
  • The media focus upon it, as though it's the center of civilization
  • The media of NYC itself, which is arrogant, rude and eats their young
  • That I had to shell out absurd amounts of money on the NY turnpike and for lodging, because the state's taxes are through the roof, all to help pay for the money-soaking sponge that is NYC
  • Their Mayor is an idiot who is operating a nanny state
  • It's the home of the Yankees
  • All NY sports teams are deemed permanently relevant solely because they are NY sports teams (the Mets, Rangers, Jets, Giants and Knicks), even if they are the very definition of suck.
New Yorkers think their pizza & cheesecake is the best, that their sports teams are the best, that their subway is the best, that their culture is the best and that their city is the very epicenter of all things worthwhile. When the towers were hit on 9/11/2001 we all sympathized and embraced NYC (and without the decent folk of the Midwest and the South that reaction would have been weaker). But it didn't take long at all for NYC to revert to form and give a collective middle finger to the rest of the U.S. This attitude has even swelled from NYC to other parts of the Northeast (Massachusetts, for instance).

I'd tell you to go do something with yourself but that insult just happens to be trademarked by NYC, and I don't dare infringe on something as culturally highbrow as that.


  1. I once ate "The World's Best Pizza" at a little place in Little Italy. The local person who took me there was so adamant about this pizza that I could hardly wait to try it.

    It was so underwhelming that I can't even remember the name of the place.

    I will argue that "New York" in general should get a "yes." It is a vibrant, culturally-diverse city. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and will go back again someday.

    Don't be a hater because you didn't plan enough financially for your trip.


  2. ill agree with Scooby. I've only been once, when i was like...6-7. yeah, i really dont remember it. i remember the statue of liberty, but nothing else in the city.
    i had a friend work just outside of NYC for 3 years, as a chef. He went into the city often and said the food was outstanding, but everything else was kind of a pain. we both kind of base a place on the food of the area, so..yeah. i'd go just to experience the food. i wouldnt mind sight seeing also.

    but, the sports teams...suck.

  3. Come on guys, play along. While in spirit I agree with what I wrote I will admit to inflating it for the sake of, artistry. Or something.