Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kige Ramsey, yes or no?

For the unknowing, Kige Ramsey is a guy from Kentucky who is a huge sports fan and who began posting videos on YouTube. Kige began calling his endeavor "YouTube Sports" and if you've seen any number of his videos you will recognize his customary greeting of, "Hello YouTube viewers, this is Kige Ramsey..."

What sets Kige apart is that his videos consist of the most vapid and glaringly obvious content possible. Kige began by posting videos (presumably from his parent's basement) where he sat behind a card table and in front of a wood-paneled wall. Kige would opine about something vague and obvious, such as that for his favorite NFL team (the Titans) to do well this season they would have to score points on offense and play good defense. Of course, that's the recipe for success for any NFL team. Kige eventually branched out into segments called "Coach Kige", wherein he would so something like diagram a basketball play that had zero chance of working, or offering his input on a particular team (i.e. that his beloved Kentucky Wildcats only hurt their chances of winning by committing turnovers and bad fouls).

Kige then began filming on location, which is usually the local Wal Mart. Why Wal Mart? Who knows, though he did reveal that he shoots the Wal Mart videos in the hardware or automotive sections because they are mostly devoid of people. Another on-location video took place in a McDonald's parking lot. Kige also posted several "how to" videos, such as how to swing a golf club, throw a football and so on. Kige did not wish to be typecast, however, and branched out from strictly sports topics and into loftier things, like his favorite snack chips, why Facebook is better than MySpace or why Nicole Richie needs help. He even made a video on what not to do on a date.

Yes or no? Kige Ramsey, you get a real big YES! Kige burned up Ted Stevens' Intertubes after being noticed by many, primarily sports blogs. Sure, the notice was at Kige's expense, since people make fun of him mercilessly. You see, Kige is rather dorky and has absolutely no motor skills. To call him un-coordinated is to damn with faint praise. Watch his "how to" videos and see for yourself. Kige also commits verbal gaffes. His body of work is laughable, though when you realize his ambition is to become a sports broadcaster you would likely call it sad. Kige Ramsey is unintentionally hilarious and the world laughs at him while he continues to plod on.

But I give Kige a "yes" for that very reason: he plods onward, unaffected by the howls of everyone else. Plus, he seems like a decent guy. Whether it has ever been his intention or not, Kige Ramsey entertains us, and for that I offer him kudos, and also advice to consider another career.

You can view Kige's YouTube videos here.

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