Thursday, October 29, 2009

Local sports radio, yes or no?

This will vary from place to place, but I can only judge based on what is local to me, and what is local here stinks. For starters, this station's local in-studio (sometimes on location) radio show claims to be #1 in the city. That's not surprising, since as far as I know it's the only sports radio local show in said city.

The usual host of said show is adequate at best. He evidently has nasal issues because he often times sniffs loudly enough to come through his microphone (just what you hope for in a radio announcer). His voice is often nasal as well, particularly when pronouncing certain words (anything with a hard A, for instance). The thing is that this guy does quite well when discussing certain topics, like boxing. He'll have Burt Sugar as a guest sometimes and the host obviously knows the history and lore of the sport. On a few other topics he does fine too. But, and this is important, most of his shows don't include the areas where he shines. Instead I am treated to boring dissertations of local high school football, with local HS football coaches who make lousy guests/interviewees. Far too often the guest is a local TV sports person, who happens to be in the host's fantasy football league, and I get to hear a 20 minute conversation about their FF league and listen as they crack each other up as they trash talk other members of that league.

Hey, meathead, I'm not in your FF league and don't care a whit about it. You somehow managed to affiliate your station with ESPN, so how about you talk national sports instead of conversing on-air with your buddies about something only the two of you know or care about!

A regular guest, and past fill-in host, is a guy who is even worse on the air. This guy is terrible and fills the airwaves with such biting insights as "Well, that's the way it goes sometimes" and "I don't know what to tell you". Breathtaking! And this joker's favorite phrase is, "There's no doubt about that", which he says at least 10 times when he's on the air, no matter the topic or the vein of the discussion.

"Hey, you're a stark, raving idiot!"

"Well, there's no doubt about that."

To make this pile of rubbish even more unpleasant, they broadcast the games of the Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, and griped about only being able to broadcast Tiger games on AM. Look, if your station broadcasts on FM and AM don't air the same thing on both frequencies. Give us a choice. They had the nerve to ask listeners to sign an online petition so they could broadcast Tigers games on FM (they were apparently limited to the AM side of things due to their agreement). I don't even follow baseball, so when the Tigers' games began on the AM side of your operation I was happy to hear ESPN radio on the FM side. And you want me to sign a petition that makes the FM side as boring and trite as the AM side? No thanks, Mr. Nasal Allergy.

In summation, the answer to the question is no, no, and no again!!!!


  1. Vegemite- Yes or no
    Its vinny

  2. any sports i hate em. Even John Madden. Just my opinion of course, but i dont need to know who's doing what when, or who should have done what when, or why who did what then. or who's doing it tomorrow.