Thursday, October 29, 2009

ITT Tech commercials, yes or no?

Let's cut to the! Every one of these commercials is the same:
  • Guy is stuck in a dead-end job or has lost his job
  • Guy decides to make life better for him and his family (familial improvement is always a selling point)
  • Guy went to ITT Tech and now life is so much better
  • Guy doesn't tell us why life is better or how he's improved himself
If you want to sell me on ITT Tech then tell me what this guy's former job was, then tell me what his new, post-ITT Tech job is and why it's better. Is his salary higher? Better benefits? His boss isn't a jerk? Why is his life so much better since he got a degree from ITT Tech?

The lack of information is enough to merit a "no" vote, but the ads themselves are so cheesy. At some point they always show the guy with his wife and kids, frolicking in a park or on the lawn. The latest one shows the guy playing baseball. Did he go to ITT Tech and earn a degree in baseball? I'm left to presume this is a recreational league. I hope so because he throws a fastball that has a high arc and clocks in at around 45 mph (and the batter swings and misses by a foot, after which they cut to the umpire, who dramatically calls a strike).

Sappy family bonding moments attached to vague claims about a life that is wholly better, with no information or evidence to support the claim, just don't add up. Put up or shut up, ITT Tech!

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  1. it's like the Coors Light...and TWINS commerical. yeah, right. wish, but no.

    well, it's like any commercial really. they just want their money.