Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jimmy Football (Bud Light ads), yes or no?

By now everyone has seen one of these ads. The first ad I saw was the one with the "Grooler" (a cooler and grill together). I initially thought they were parody ads, since the behavior of Jimmy Football and his audience are so over-the-top. When Jimmy Football grabs that hot dog off of the grill and pretends it's a phone (and he's answering a call from the future) I was only mildly annoyed.

However, I saw an actual Grooler set up in a local grocery not long after these ads began appearing. So while these ads may be designed to be campy parodies the products in them are apparently real. I looked at the Grooler, gently shook it and noted the size of the grill, the cooler parts and its overall construction. Let me tell you, it's absolute junk! The coolers aren't insulated and the grill is tiny; perhaps large enough for a couple of burgers and a half dozen hot dogs. And maybe the toadie who put it together did a half-hearted job but when I gently shook the entire contraption I thought it would fall apart.

The other products I've seen in this series of ads are a "#1" foam hand with an attached beer can coozy (which would spill all over when you raise the hand) and a speaker mounted in what looks like a Bud Light 12-pack box. I'm sure they are also crap junk.

So, yes or no? An enormous NO! The Jimmy Football character has a stupid name. He, and the ads themselves are indeed campy and obvious parodies of infomercials, but they are stupid, annoying and when you couple that with the garbage products they shill I find the overall sum of parts to be quite distasteful.

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