Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GLBC's "Christmas Ale", yes or no? (live taste test)

GLBC is short for Great Lakes Brewing Company. It is located in Cleveland, Ohio and is one of the few things about which that city can be proud. You see, GLBC makes awesome beers. I have sampled numerous offerings of their and enjoyed every one. This particular beer, the Christmas Ale, was recommeneed by my brother-in-law, who really knows his beer and whose taste I have yet to find fault with.

I've just poured it from the bottle into the glass and immediately noticed the lovely copper color of the brew and a firm head. And the head on this is the color it should be. The heads on mega brewery beers are white. Pure white. The head on this beer is an almond color and that's they way it should be. Beers made the right way do not have perfectly white heads (wheat beers excluded).

The aroma is richly malty and inviting. If this were a food I would say it "smells delicious". The flavor is malty too. The beer is made with cinnamon, honey and ginger. I don't have a truly refined palate and am having trouble detecting the cinnamon in aroma or flavor, but I can note the honey sweetness and uniqueness that ginger imparts, especially when left on the tongue for a few seconds.

I'm not a huge fan of spiced/flavored beers. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't like a steady diet of them. That is true of this beer also, but I have to say that as a once-in-awhile seasonal beer it is very, very good. So to answer the question, two thumbs up and a "Yes!"

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